AnimoKingdom® and its affiliated companies are companies that have almost 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing infants' and kids' wear. Our markets are mainly Europe and America. This brand specializes in the age group ranging from newborn to10 years old. Its production targets are good quality, high safety standard, good workmanship and original designs.

Since the skin of babies and kids is so delicate, it is very important to ensure that the material chosen to produce clothing is soft and does not lead to allergy problem. Moreover, we also believe that proper cutting and product safety are essential to ensure comfort in wearing.

In addition, all AnimoKingdom® products are designed and managed by companies (affiliated companies) with ISO9001 certificates. This means that our products reach internationally accepted quality standard.

AnimoKingdom® also strives for excellence in the design of clothing. Colorful and classic chic is our direction of design. Blueprint of collection for each season will be based on trendy elements from Europe and America. Together with our designers' unique palate and well-chosen material and accessories, AnimoKingdom® adds confidence and extraordinary temperament to every kid.